Lulaway is a pioneer in sustainable high-impact youth employment solutions. Working closely with government, business and the social sector, we drive systemic change in the youth labour market.

 We utilise technology to bridge the divide between a job seeking population and the needs of employers that can only be efficiently met with the power of big data, smart algorithms and mass targeted communications. Our success is measured on financial metrics as well as social metrics, ensuring we continue building our country, one job at time.



Job seekers registered


Job centres

R 200 million

In funding disbursed


Jobs created



Lulaway have provided Cashbuild with a full recruitment service for our entry-level staff nationwide. They have continuously provided a satisfactory service and customised their offerings to suit our needs. We would recommend them to any corporate looking for a holistic, customised recruitment solution.

A key factor in selecting Lulaway as our lead organisation for this project was their track record demonstrating their ability to navigate operational complexity and successfully execute in a tough operating environment.

We appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile, their attention to detail and the friendly and professional disposition of their team.

Lulaway supports our driver onboarding process and their work-readiness training helps our drivers improve their customer service and communication skills. Furthermore, this training equips drivers with foundational entrepreneurial skills to better manage their businesses. We are impressed by Lulaway’s willingness to go the extra mile and their innovative and strategic approach



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