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Recruitment Trends: A Closer Look At What We Can Expect In 2018?

Social recruitment: Despite initial qualms from those in the recruitment industry, social recruiting (using social media for recruitment) has become a primary focus for recruitment departments. The reasons for this trend are obvious. The average person spends two hours on social media every day. This means recruiters can target specific candidates cost-effectively while increasing efficiency. […]

Seven steps to landing your first job as a matriculant or graduate

On Friday 17 November 2017, Lulaway, in partnership with Boston City Campus embarked on an ambitious undertaking to facilitate the employment of over 200 Boston learners at a speed interviewing event. Whilst speed interviewing is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries, the model has not yet been applied in South Africa where rampant unemployment threatens […]

7 Steps To Landing Your First Job

So, you’ve just graduated — congratulations! You are probably excited, but also terrified, about finding that dream job, earning an income and putting your education to good use. While landing your first job may feel overwhelming, don’t despair. Jake Willis, CEO of entry-level recruitment company Lulaway, provides some proven strategies on how to tackle the […]