eNCA: Youth Day 2020 – challenges faced by youth

Lulaway’s CEO Jake Willis talks about the challenges facing youth in the midst of the national pandemic, and the emerging opportunities that are arising even within the crisis.

KFm – Youth can upskill themselves online during Covid-19

Lulaway CEO Jake Willis talks to Carl Wastie on Kfm about what young people can do to improve their CV during the Covid-19 crisis.

City of Cape Town supports youth during lockdown for future job opportunities

According to the official press release:

The City of Cape Town’s Department of Enterprise and Investment is continuing to invest in upskilling, training and sourcing talent for Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) during the lockdown. We don’t train just for training’s sake. The training we have done has created a better link between demand and supply for skilled people.

The City of Cape Town has appointed Lulaway Holdings as our service provider for a placement initiative and I am immensely proud of the successes achieved.

Our partnership with Lulaway has seen 6 000 unemployed residents trained in basic work readiness to date, with a majority of these residents being placed in work opportunities in sectors such as transport, wholesale, retail, and call centres.

During the lockdown period:

  • Very importantly, job seekers will still be able to register on Lulaway’s online recruitment portal for free: www.lulaway.co.za/registercapetown and I encourage those who are seeking job opportunities once the lockdown has been lifted, to please register.
  • Additionally, if new vacancies relevant to the permitted activities become available during the lockdown, Lulaway will contact those registered on its database for placement.
  • Lulaway has uploaded their training content and videos onto their website (www.lulaway.co.za/training-videos) and are making it freely available.

Through the Department of Enterprise and Investment, we are working closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure we continue to provide support across economic sectors during this time.

While we all adjust to the new ‘normal’ this crisis has created, my job as the Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities, together with our Strategic Business Partners, is to find new and innovative ways to help stabilise our economy and continue supporting initiatives that create job opportunities in these very difficult times.

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