Sowetan Live: Lulaway & Raizcorp officially launch Yes2Day, enabling businesses to participate in Youth Employment Service

The official launch of our new partnership with Raizcorp saw dozens of businesses looking for answers around how YES works and why it’s so important to participate. Read the full article here. 

Classic Business with Michael Avery: Lulaway & Raizcorp launch a partnership to provide solutions to YES

Lulaway CEO Jake Willis and Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz talk to Michael Avery on ClassicFM about their partnership, Yes2Day, which will allow businesses to take full advantage of YES (Youth Employment Service).

Bizcommunity: 5 reasons to be optimistic about youth employment in 2019

Jake Willis, Lulaway’s CEO, says that we can be optimistic about youth unemployment in 2019. Read his in-depth analysis here. 

Moneyweb: High youth unemployment is caused by an inefficient labour market exchange

Jake Willis, CEO explains that the best-suited job seekers have no way to access relevant opportunities efficiently. Read full story here.

Bizcommunity: Entry-level vacancies indicate a hidden cause of youth unemployment

Lulaway CEO Jake Willis explains the hidden cause of youth unemployment and how government can fix them. Read the full article here.

eNCA: Jane Dutton – Opening up jobs for inexperienced graduates

Jake Willis shares solutions on how inexperienced graduates can find work.

Part 1

Part 2



Fin24: Entry-level recruits – the ghosts in South Africa’s unemployment machine

Lulaway CEO Jake Willis explains the hidden cause of youth unemployment in South Africa. Read the full article on Fin24 here.