Daily Sun: How to succeed in your first job

Business Report: Is urbanisation the answer to youth unemployment?

Jake Willis, Lulaway’s CEO, describes how employment in urban areas can create the sustainable growth the economy needs. Read the full article here

Bizcommunity: Changing expectations and perceptions are key to youth unemployment

Lulaway CEO, Jake Willis, shares insights into the potential benefits of leaving school early. Read full article on Bizcommunity here.

Sowetan Live: Workforce Development Project successfully addresses unemployment in Cape Town

The Lulaway Workforce Development Project – funded by the City of Cape Town – is in the middle of a three-year training programme to assist jobseekers prepare for the world of work. The City of Cape Town says that the programme is a success story of how working with partners can overcome the challenges of unemployment. Read full story here. 

Africa Live – CGTN: Lulaway enables over 2000 youth to find jobs in Cape Town

The Lulaway workforce development project with the City of Cape Town has already placed over 2000 unemployed youth into work opportunities. Watch the full story here.

BusinessTech: 3 of the best entry-level jobs to get into in South Africa


SAFM: Can SMEs help eradicate youth unemployment?

Errol Freeman talks about the role of SME’s in the eradication of youth unemployment in SA on the Jet Set Breakfast Show on SAFM.

Channel Africa: How can the country change the tide for the youth unemployment problem?

Errol Freeman, Lulaway Director, participates in a panel discussion on the issue of the high youth unemployment rate following the celebration of youth month on SABC’s Channel Africa.