Introducing Lulalab

The Lulalab Early Employment Support programme (“EES”), an affiliate of Lulaway, addresses some of the most pressing obstacles barring young job-seekers from charting successful pathways into the economy, social advancement and supporting their families’ livelihood.

Research has shown that the majority of entry level employees lack the soft skills required to not only secure a job but also to use the opportunity to further their employability. Lulalab was conceived to address this challenge, in the unique context of the South African economy.

Through this programme, entry-level candidates are provided with employment mentorship and coaching as well as a variety of other financial and non-financial incentives and interventions for the first 12 months of work.

“Research indicates that entry-level job seekers have an 85% chance of being employed for life if they can keep their jobs for the first 12 months. In so doing a candidate also grows their skills set, experience, reference list and earning potential, the impact this can have on the South African economy is infinite,” said Bernard Balkin, Lulalab Project Director. “For business Lulalab presents an opportunity to increase retention rates, reduce costs associated with high attrition and provides readily available feedback on a multitude of issues that may be impacting your business’s productivity.”