Success Story: Melusi, Krispy Kreme







Melusi was placed in April 2017 by Lulaway at the Krispy Kreme factory in Limbro Park, Johannesburg. He is thrilled that he can now afford to rent his own accommodation near his work, and gain experience and skills which he will be able to take with him on his journey. Melusi is driven by a deep wish to create a better future for his family and knows the importance of starting at the bottom.

“I grew up in KZN and was raised by a single mother. It was very hard to see all my peers with their father, and my father wasn’t around. I have a Diploma in IT but I love food and cooking. I work in the Krispy Kreme factory cleaning helping out with production.

I see so many opportunities, and am here to learn. I would love one day to be a manager of a store. It was hard to grow up without my father, and when I have children in the future I want to be a good father to them”.

Melusi has a lot going for him – long-term goals, willingness and a good work ethic. With the support of LulaLAB when the going gets tough, this internship will hopefully be the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career.