Project Highlight: Tshepo500K – development and maintenance of job seeker database

Client: Gauteng Provincial Government

Beneficiaries: 120 000 Gauteng residents registered and assessed, 5761 placed

Project duration: 2015-2016

The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 is an employment creation and entrepreneurship development programme aimed at training, skilling and mentoring 500,000 young people through a set of projects aimed at empowering Youth, Women and people with disabilities.

In order to reach as many youths as possible whilst tracking the efficacy and ROI of the programme, Tshepo 500K utilized Lulaway in the development and maintenance of its ‘opportunity seeker database’.

The ‘Opportunity seeker database’ is an online portal, hosted on the Lulaway platform. Opportunity seekers can register on to the database through one of the many Lulaway opportunity centres throughout Gauteng.